Running free.

In my head.






Thoughts of her.

Dressed in red.

Her eyes capture my soul.

I am lost.


Beauty to behold.





Coming to a full circle.






A rhythm.

Music of her desire.


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The 5 Senses of Your Disdain

I see you not seeing me,

I am furniture you no longer use.

I hear you not listening to me,

I am that song you never play anymore.

I taste you not savoring me,

I am that dish you no longer like.

I smell you not breathing me in,

I must have become toxic to you now.

I feel you no longer wanting to touch me,

I am that texture you’ve come to hate.



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Who Am I?

I keep staring at the screen- slightly infuriated by the blank my mind is drawing. How hard can it be to put into words the very essence of your being? Why is it becoming an increasingly difficult task to write about myself? I blindly grope to find the words to express who I am and then it hits me. The realization sinks in slowly- like salted butter in my mouth. I savor it. I relish this moment.  

I am who I am. Many would say that I am the product of my past, the child of my future—and yet I am undefined, a constant work in progress- the fruit, the tree, the seed. I am all and none. I am the child, the young rebel, the adult, the old woman. I am possible. I am part and whole of what I create, of what I destroy.

All of me and none of me is what make me. I am what I am and what I am not. I have not been written by the pen of my past and the ghost whisper of my future. The here and now is unwritten. It is sung. The notes of my present are ever changing- and the melody is one that goes on till I take my last breath. 

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Your cries


Your Pain




Your laughter

a memory

Your joy

a whisper





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Pain of Pleasure

Let me free

Salt, water and fire

All of me

Let me be

Let the sand bury

the sins of my father

Let the sun

dry the tears of my mother

Find me

in the shadows

where the light

is but an almost

Free this creature

Lit that candle

by the window

by the door

Walk in

Walk out

Of my life

In my death

Make it stop

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Wild Child

Push me.
Pull me.
Hurt me.
Love me.

Kiss you.
Comfort you.
Ache for you.
Wild for you.

Fulfill my needs.
Feed me.
Fill me.
Want me.

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Be Mine

Be my muse,

my lover,

my saint.


Dance for me,

Kiss me with those cherry lips,

Hear me.


Sing my song,

give me pleasure,

forgive my sins.


Let my senses feast,

let my fingers explore smooth skin,

let me feel love within.


Be my muse,

my lover,

my saint.


Rejoice with me,

make love to me,

pray with me.



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